Admission programs for Western Caspian University?

There are following list of specialties of the Western Caspian University:

Is it possible to pay the annual education fee in installments?

Yes. It's possible partial payment for annual tuition fee according to pre-agreed schedule.

Who can apply for non-paid education?

Children of disabled citizens who have been disabled during the defense of the territorial integrity, sovereignty, independence and the constitutional system of the Republic of Azerbaijan, who were killed for the freedom, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Azerbaijan, lost in connection with military operations and were declared dead by the court.
At the same time, those who have lost their parents and are deprived of parental care are exempt from paying their tuition fees.

I have been admitted to the Western Caspian University. Do I need a residence reference for registration?

No, there is no needed residence reference for registration at Western Caspian University.

Does Western Caspian University provides state reservations?

 Yes, Western Caspian University offers state-owned places for all specialties.

Does Western Caspian University decreased tuition fees for educational programs? How much are tuition fees?

At present, the university modernizes its infrastructure, strengthening the material and technical base, building new buildings and modern campus. The School of High Technology and Innovative Engineering of the university has new specialties. The university has reduced its annual education fees, beliveving to increase number of students.

What are the new specialties?

Western Caspian University starts training specialists on new specialties. In particular, there will be held for the next academic year that at the bachelor's level, "Consumer Goods Expertise and Marketing", "Forestry", "Land Management", "Land and Cadastre", "Architecture", "State and Municipal Administration", "Accounting and Audit" "Industry Organization and Management", "History" and "Philosophy".
The University has also been admitted to new specialties in engineering. So, from the next academic year, "Mechanical Engineering", "Environmental Engineering", "Engineering Systems Engineering and Construction Engineering", "Engineering Engineering", "Electronics, Telecommunication and Radio Engineering", "Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering", " "," System engineering "and so on. specializations will also be taught.
New specialties have also been created for the Master's degree. Starting since next year, those who wish to pursue post-graduate studies in Psychology and Ecology can also choose the Western University.

Which kind documents required for registration?

There are  following documents are required to register:
* The original of the certificate
* Photo picture (6 pieces) (3x4)
* Copy of ID card
* Medical certificate
* Copy of military certificate or certificate of military registration for the boys
* Tuition fee (50 percent)
* Work number and password