Student Life

Students of Western Caspian University have exciting, bright and full life student life. Youth policy is an integral part of our university's unified development program.


There are currently following student clubs and organizations in Western Caspian University:

Students Youth Organization

SYA is an advisory board of the university. It was created with the purpose of strengthening communication between administration and students, for attraction of students to management in order to give students ability to actively protect their rights and interests. It also aims to develop organizational and managerial skills of in order to prevent negative phenomena in educational process. The activities of the SYA are the following:

  • Makes surveys among students to get familiar with their opinion
  • Takes an active part in the implementation of statutory educational acts of administration
  • Gives feedback and suggestions on various aspects of student life
  • Protects rights and interests of students
  • Gives suggestions on elimination of conditions that may result in infringement of the rules.
Student Volunteer Association

Student Volunteer Association was established as a voluntary union in the Western Caspian University in 2016. Basically, students voluntarily voluntarily pursue their internal work and gain experience in the field of volunteering. The association is carries out the duties of students to spend their leisure time and improve their scientific and practical skills. The union creates opportunities for students to gain experience in volunteer activities, especially when they are out of the campus.


  • Organize Leisure Time for Students.
  • Students have scientific-practical skills and their application.
  • In the future, there is no problem of job security.
  • Student identity as a personality


Chairman of the Union: Nagiyev Yadigar

Facebook link:

Student's scientific organization

Faculties prepare scientific works and present them to SSO. The chairman of SSO is selected from among students by a show of hands voting. SSO plays the leading role in carrying out researches, discussions, scientific seminars and conferences, publishes newsletters and newspapers.

Members of SSO meet monthly to discuss working plans for conferences and other activities. The main principle job of SSO is in organizing scientifically-practical conferences. Members of SSO write articles, theses, prepare materials for students of other universities. The best works are published and sent to Republican student conferences.

Western Caspian University Diplomats' Club

Western Caspian University's Diplomats Club was founded by a group of students from the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations.

The idea behind the creation of the club was to foster the development of the next generation of diplomats, global citizens and leaders. Diplomats Club consists of current students and former graduates of the University.

The Club organizes regular meetings, conferences, debates and other events. At these events, young diplomats stimulate and facilitate an advanced exchange of ideas and knowledge in the field of international relations, global peace and security, humanitarian action and international diplomacy.

Debate Club

Debate club combines students with debates, research, and interest in polemics. The main goal of the club is to develop students' speaking, analytical, and rhetorical skills. What knowledge a person has, even if he does not have the ability to communicate, he will not be able to communicate his knowledge to the community properly and will not be able to use them properly. From this point of view Debate Club is important for our young people.

UN Model Club

UN Model Club was founded in 2016. The main purpose of the club is to bring together students, who are interested in political science, international relations and social sciences. The activity of the club is based on principles of the United Nations, organization of inter-country dialogue, writing UN resolutions and etc. The club provides students to gain knowledge about UN. The club regularly hosts UN Model conferences, where students represent countries in one of the UN committees and adopt a resolution.

Music Club

The music club has been operating since 2017. The main goals of the club are to organize seminars and workshops for members' with musical skills, to organize musical performances for events, as well as to organize concert programs, to organize song competitions and to represent our university in other mass races and competitions.

Dance Club

The dance club brings together students from our university who are interested in national, foreign and other dances, to represent our club in our country and abroad as well as to take part in the varous events. Currently, the main activity direction of the Dance Club is the national dances of Azerbaijan in the form of individual and group.

Intellectual Games Club

Intellectual Games Club has been operating in our university for many years. Within the scope of its activities, the club combines our students with the strong intellectual level of our university and regularly organizes "Who? Yes? Where? "," Khamsa "," Search-tap "and other formats as well as participates in organization in these competitions held by universities.

Book Club

The book club is set up for students interested in fiction, reading book and leisure time. The book club constantly organizes book presentations, meetings with writers and creative parties for club members.