Western Caspian University


Mathematics and Physics

The Chair for Mathematics and Physics has been operating as a department since 1991 under the title ‘Mathematics and Computer Technology’. The department comprises trained specialists in informatics and computer engineering, information technology and systems engineering and computer engineering.

Since 2017, the department has been operating under the banner ‘Information Technology’. Subjects such as mathematical analysis, higher algebra, analytical geometry, differential geometry and topology, mathematical physics equations, functional analysis, probability theory, mathematical statistics, economic theory, actual and financial mathematics, algorithmic languages, databases, operating systems, creation of new information technologies and use, development and application of mathematical models of processes, modern mathematical methods, software fields, etc. are taught at a superior level by highly qualified professors and teachers.

At present, we operate under the title ‘Department of Mathematics and Physics’ established in the autumn of 2020 as part of the ‘School of High Technologies and Innovative Engineering’ as a non-specialty department. The laboratory is equipped with the most modern equipment to ensure high-level training. The teaching staff comprises doctors of sciences and doctors of philosophy. Subjects are taught in Azerbaijani, English and Russian languages.

Academic staff:

Ph.D. Math and Physics Salimov Ilham Nasir, Head of the Department

Dr. Math Sciences Prof. Karimov Adalat Karim

Ph.D. A. Ph. Bahaddinova Gunel Rustam

Ph.D. Math Azizov Ogtay Giyas

Ph.D. Physics Guliyeva Svetlana Ibrahim

Ph.D. Math Habibov Sanan Amirsoltan

Ph.D. T. Associate Professor Aliyev Qoshqar Seyfullah

Ph.D. Math Mammadova Ulviya Mammadali

Muhammadli Ali Mubariz

Subjects taught:

·         Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics

·         Linear Algebra and Mathematical Analysis

·         Mathematics

·         Higher Mathematics

·         Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry

·         Probability Theory

·         Econometrics

·         Engineering Mathematics

·         Mathematical Logic Problems

·         Mathematical Methods in Psychology

·         Mathematics and Biostatistics for Biological Sciences

·         Discrete Mathematics

·         Mathematical Statistics

·         Physics

·         Biophysics

·         Basics of Physics.

Some methodology and teaching aids published by the department include:

Azizov O.G., Akperova S.N. Basic Equations of Mathematical Physics. Methodical manual. AzTU, Baku 2001, 35 pages.

Azizov O.G. Lectures on Higher Mathematics, I semester. Methodical Aids. AzTU, Baku, 2008, 88 pages.

Azizov O.G., Akperova S.N. Lectures on Higher Mathematics. Methodical manual. Az.TU, Baku 2012, 130 pages.

Higher mathematics. I semester (together with Mammadov F.I. et al). Textbook. Academy of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Baku, 2013, 188 pages.

Azizov O.Q., Shahverdiyev M.N. Geometry- Elements of Analytical Geometry. Textbook. Baku, 2017, 173 pages.

Salimov I.N. Methodology of Computer Solution of Physics Problems. Textbook published by the decision of the Scientific Council of Mingachevir State University dated 04.12.2018, 172 pages.

Salimov I.N., Damirova Z.V., Alizade B.Y. The Role of Computers in Solving Problems of Physics & Mathematics. Textbook published by the decision of the Scientific Council of Sumgayit State University 06.04.2016. pr.N.6, 225 p.

Salimov I.N., Abilov CH.I. Methodical Instructions on Laboratory Works on the course ‘Technology of Materials of Electronic Equipment’ Methodical Aids Baku, AzTU-topography, 1995, 32 pages.

Salimov I.N., Damirova Z.V., Yusibova T.F., Methodical Aids on Laboratory Work on the subject ‘Electrical Engineering and Radio Engineering’. Mingachevir-2010, 70 pages.