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The School of Social Sciences is one of the leading schools in Western Caspian University, mainly focused on Psychology, History, Philosophy and Pedagogy.

The mission of the School of Social Sciences is to educate highly qualified specialists required for the future and provide students with fundamental knowledge with the methodological, empirical and analytical skills necessary for their chosen field of study, and prepare the students for social life and effective labor activity. The school involves students with active participation in important social events whichhelp provide for the formation of their outlook. The staff of the school consists of academics, professors as well as experts from various advanced countries. The school has a rich library in English, Russian, English languages. Students will be able to participate in Erasmus Mundus, Mevlana and other international programs.

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Address:17A, Ahmad Rajabli Street, III Parallel, Baku, Azerbaijan


Phone:+994 12 565 39 77

@: social.sciences@wcu.edu.az 




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