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As we reported before, a "Developer Student Clubs", launched by “Google” began its activity in Azerbaijan this year and was founded at Western Caspian University. One of our 4th year students, Azer Nemanli, was assigned as the head of local branch of the Club. Moreover, Azer is a member of the managers’ team “Google Developer Group Baku”. As part of his responsibilities he will supervise the organizational work of the “Developer Students Clubs” in our country.

In our interview with Nemanli, we discussed the importance of this program, and its benefits to our students.

- Azer, "Developer Students Clubs” of “Google” was founded at Western Caspian University this year and you were assigned as the head of the local branch of the club. Can you briefly tell us about this program?


- “Developer Students Clubs”, is a program created by” Google» and organized for students. “Developer Students Clubs”, aims to create an internal university community for students interested in Google's programming technologies. During the 2020-2021 academic year, there will be active events (seminars, webinars, etc.) by not only professionals but also team members. In addition, at the end of the academic year, the team will create and submit projects. For the first time in Azerbaijan, this club has been appointed a supervisor.


- Which opportunities will the club provide to students?


- The main advantage of the club is the support of a company with a global reputation such as Google. Students can establish cooperation between their educational institutions and Google and develop their skills by working on their own, as well as making a great contribution to their careers. They can also join seminars or webinars that take place every month to listen to interesting topics, get directions and valuable advice from experts. At the same time, they will join the projects to be developed in the Technopark of the University and take advantage of the opportunities to submit their most successful project to Google.


- Can students of other higher education institutions join the club?


The club is intended for students of Western Caspian University. Every student who wishes to attend seminars or webinars within the university can join and benefit from these opportunities. Participation is completely free. Other university students will be able to watch the club's events online.