Western Caspian University

Ethnolinguistic Features of Ethnonyms in English

Aida Mirzayeva, a candidate for a degree in ‘Germanic languages’ at the Doctor of Philosophy programme in philological sciences, conducted research on ‘Ethnolinguistic Features of Ethnonyms in English’.

Scientific advisor: Prof. Dr Garasharli Chingiz Mammad oglu

Summary of the research: The dissertation consists of three chapters and is devoted to ethnolinguistic problems in English linguistics. The centrality of the matter is that ethnonyms reflect the history of the language and the ethnic origin and culture of the people who speak it. Ethnonyms often acquire a connotative meaning and play an important role in the lexical-semantic space of the language. Therefore, the topic ‘Ethnolinguistic features of ethnonyms in English is closely related to both linguistics and the ethnic history of the people.

In the course of the research, the candidate referred to a wide range of literature and sources related to the semantic and stylistic features of English ethnonyms, and opened up a large amount of factual material to scientific circulation. The linguistic facts on the metaphorical function of English ethnonyms have both practical and theoretical significance and the dissertation can play a necessary role in the study of the phraseological system of the language.