Western Caspian University



Name: Teaching practicum

Level: Master’s

Year of study: 2nd year, 2nd term

Start date: 16 February

Duration: 4 weeks

Frequency: 4 days a week, approximately 3 lessons a day


For this practicum, students must attend lectures of the relevant faculty and take part in teaching of undergraduate students to sharpen their knowledge and acquire teaching skills in the relevant field.

Name: Academic Research Practicum

Level: Master’s

Year of study: 1st year, 2nd term

Start date: 2 July

Duration: 4 weeks


This practicum includes readings from primary and review sources, data collection and analysis, discussions with the academic supervisor related to the topic of the Master’s Thesis.


- Students must present a report at the end of the internship period.

- Internships/practicums are graded on a 100 point scale including grades for performance, attendance, and presentation of the report.

Student and Alumni Internship and Development Centre