Corctaun Unİversİtetİnİn professoru Brenda Şafferİn "Beynəlxalq Enerjİ Tədqİqatları və Sİyasətİ" mövzusunda mühazİrəsİ olacaq.

International Energy Trends and Policies: Theory and Practice

By Prof. Brenda Shaffer from Georgetown University


The course will examine the major trends in international energy production, trade and consumption. It will  also discuss the policies of major energy producers and consumers and market trends. The course will also examine the effect of energy on both domestic and foreign policies of states. The course aims to enhance  the participants’ theoretical  and academic knowledge  on  energy, as well as to give concrete skills applicable to professions in the energy sphere.


Period: 4 days in February and 2 days in April (dates can be changed)

Feb. 20-23

April 20, 23-25


Deadline for applications: 5th of February, 2018

All successful participants will be awarded by an international certificate.


Eligibility: students and interested young professionals 



  • CV
  • Motivation letter (explanation of your interest in this course. Max. 1 page or 500 words)
  • Interview
  • The documents should be sent to Mr. Ilkin Huseynli at

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