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International conference on actual problems of psychology

The Western Caspian University will host an international conference on "Actual Problems of Psychology: New Perspectives, New Views and New Thoughts" on June 19-20, 2021.

Psychological symptoms in hereditary diseases, new psychophysiological experimental results, modern neuropsychological problems, results and scientific achievements in the field of psychology, legal support of psychology, the role of psychology in the development of society, the interaction of psychology and other sciences connections and other topics are expected to be discussed by scholars. The main purpose of the International Conference (online) is the exchange of scientific achievements, the establishment of new scientific relations for the improvement of future scientific research. Opportunities will be created for young researchers to improve their scientific knowledge and gain experience.


The conference will include lectures on research on the following topics:

The current state of general psychology;

Pathopsychology and clinical psychology: current problems of hereditary and CNS diseases;

New views on the mechanisms of neurosis, autism, depression and neurodegenerative diseases;

Defectology: oligophrenia, speech therapy, deaf pedagogy, typhlopedagogy, amblyology, etc.;

Investigation of the interaction of stress, emotional tension and anxiety with cognitive processes and application of the obtained results;

Psychodiognostics and neuropharmacology;

Neurophysiology of training and modern solutions to neuropsychological problems;

New experimental methods and results in psychophysiology;

Law psychology;

Religion and ethno psychology: the requirements of the time and multiculturalism;

Age psychology: Child and adolescent psychology; Gerontopsychology;

Family and household psychology;

Psychology of creative activity;

Pedagogical psychology;

Social psychological assistance in extreme conditions and prevention methods;

Interaction of psychology with other disciplines (sociology, psychiatry, neurology, etc.).

Those wishing to participate in the conference should send the following article to psychology.conference2021@wcu.edu.az.


Requirements for articles accepted for the conference:


1. Conference language: Azerbaijani, Russian, English


2. Form of participation: report, correspondence participation (only with the publication of the thesis)


3. Requirements for writing the article: on A4 paper (2.0 cm on each side) Times New Roman font, 14 sizes (kegl), 1.0 spacing, 1-6 pages.


4. Title of the article: should be written in capital letters in the middle.


5. The author's name, patronymic and surname, academic degree (if any), place of work or study, contact phone number, e-mail must be indicated.


6. The text of the article: introductory part, methodology, results and discussion, keywords (not more than 5-8), graphic descriptions, tables should be developed in Microsoft Word and given between the text, bibliography with reference 5-8, original language (first in Azerbaijani, then in Russian and English, and finally on the condition of writing web pages).


7. Abstracts should be written in 2 languages in addition to the language of the article, the title of the article should not exceed 200 characters, including keywords.


8. Articles and information about the author (the questionnaire should include: author's surname, patronymic, e-mail, work address, telephone number, conference participation form (by correspondence or report) and other special notes) in this e-mail (psychology.conference2021@wcu .edu.az) is accepted.


9. In addition, those wishing to give a presentation must submit a slide of their report at least two weeks before the conference, the report should be scheduled for 6-10 minutes. The file of the article to be sent must contain: the surname and name of the participant, the language of the article, which section of the conference to submit (Example: aliyev_adil_eng_7)


10. No fee is required for the conference, a collection of articles and a certificate will be presented at the end of the conference.


11. science@wcu.edu.az for information on articles or conference; You can call

psychology.conference2021@wcu.edu.az and +994124927418.


12. Deadline for submission of articles: June 18, 2021, at 18.00.