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WCU to host ‘Energy of the Future’ week with world-renowned experts

WCU to host ‘Energy of the Future’ week with world-renowned experts

Western Caspian University is set to host the ‘Energy of the Future’ week from November 15th to 22nd with lectures, seminars and master classes by Professor Ferudun Hamdullahpur, a renowned energy scientist and former president of the University of Waterloo, Canada, and Masud Efendiyev, professor and Himboldt Prize winner.

Lectures will cover current and future trends in energy engineering, the challenges higher education institutions faced after the pandemic, Covid-19 from different scientific perspectives, and other issues.

The following list of seminars and lectures are open to the public:


November 16th

Lecture by Professor Masud Efendiyev: ‘Interdisciplinary Approach in Natural Sciences’ 10:00-13:00

Report presentation by Professor Ferudun Hamdullahpur's: ‘Current and Future Trends of Energy Engineering’ 15:00-18:00

November 17th

Lecture by Professor Hamdullahpur & Professor Efendiyev: ‘Current and Future Trends in Engineering and Technology: How to link it to become an Innovative and Entrepreneurial University’ 15:00-18:00

November 18th

Professor Hamdullahpur's seminar: ‘Impacts & Solutions to the Higher Education Sector in the Post-Covid World’ 15:00-18:00

November 19th

Professor Hamdullahpur's seminar: ‘Future Role & Place of Education/Higher Education in our Rapidly Changing World- Trends, Challenges & Opportunities for Universities to Differentiate and Stay Relevant’ 15:00-18:00

November 20th

Master Class by Professor Hamdullahpur: ‘Thermal Modeling of Multiphase Systems: From Fluidized Beds to Fuel Cells’ 11:00-13:00

Master Class by Professor Masud Efendiyev: ‘Convergence of Science: Covid-19’ 15:00-18:00

All lectures will be held in the WCU Conference Hall University at Ahmad Rajabli 21.

Those wishing to participate in the events can send their full names to administration_iro@wcu.edu.az. All participants must have a Covid-19 passport.