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International Conference Pontokaspi & Caucasus Region

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An online multidisciplinary international conference entitled ‘Pontokaspi & Caucasus Region: Changes in the Connection and Isolation of Ecosystems, Phylogeny, Geology, Ecology and Geography’ will be hosted on November 27th and 28th, 2020.

The Ponto-Caspian (Caspian, Black Sea & Sea of ​​Azov) and the Caucasus region cover a large geographical area. The rich flora and fauna of water bodies and land areas in this historical region differs from other regions. Also, the mountains, history, ethnography, archeology of these regions and the different cultures and natural resources of the peoples living here play an important role in the development of tourism and the economy.

The international conference to be held at the Western Caspian University on November 27th and 28th, 2020 will focus on the Pontokaspi and Caucasus region, changes in the integration and isolation of ecosystems in this area, phylogeny of aquatic and terrestrial life, features of flora and fauna, geology, ecology and geography, Pontokaspi and Cultures of people living in the Caucasus, psychological and gerontological features, interesting moments in the history of the region, etc., are expected to be discussed by scientists. The main purpose of the Multidisciplinary International Conference (online) is to draw the attention of world scientists working in different fields to numerous scientific studies on the study of the Pontokaspi and the Caucasus and to create conditions for the development of measures to address global problems.

The conference will include lectures on research on the following topics:

  • Phylogeny of Indoor Water Bodies
  • The Current State of Economic Aspects of Caspian Sea Resource Management
  • Similarities & Differences of Genetics, Ecology and Geography of Flora and Fauna in Modern Times
  • Characteristics of Geological & Geographical Changes in the Pontokaspi Region
  • Impact of Ecological & Climate Changes on Mountain Ecosystems
  • Mathematical-Statistical Modeling & Biophysical Research Methods of Hydrobiological Processes
  • History, Ethnography, Culture, Psychological & Gerontological Features of the Pontokaspi Region
  • The Role of Renewable Water Resources in Agricultural Development
  • The Role of Anthropogenic Impacts in the Shortage of Seafood
  • The Role of Archeological Memory & Historical Monuments of the Pontokaspi Region in the Development of Tourism.

Those wishing to participate in the conference should send their submissions to conference_pontokaspi@wcu.edu.az.

Requirements for articles accepted for the conference:

  • Conference language: Azerbaijani, Russian, English
  • Form of participation: report, correspondence participation (only with publication of thesis)
  • Article writing requirements: Times New Roman font on A4 paper (2.0 cm on each side), 14 sizes (kegl), 1.0 spacing, 2-4 pages
  • Title of the article: should be written in capital letters in the middle
  • The author’s name, first name and surname, academic degree (if any), place of work or study, contact phone number, e-mail must be indicated
  • The text of the article: introductory part, methodology, results and discussion, keywords (not more than 5-8), graphic descriptions, tables should be developed in Microsoft Word and given within the text, bibliography in original language
  • Abstracts should be written in 2 languages ​​in addition to the language of the article, the title of the article should not exceed 200-300 characters, including keywords
  • Articles & information about the author are accepted at conference_pontokaspi@wcu.edu.az
  • In addition, those wishing to make a presentation must submit a slide of their report at least two weeks before the conference, no longer than 6 to10 minutes
  • The file of the article to be sent must contain: surname and name of the participant, language of the article, which section of the conference to submit (Example: Aliyeva_sona_az_9)
  • No fee is required for the conference. A collection of articles & a certificate will be presented at the end of the conference
  • For information on articles or conference pelase contact science@wcu.edu.az  conference_pontokaspi@wcu.edu.az or call +994503804359.

Deadline for submission of articles is 18:00, November 5th, 2020.