Western Caspian University


Campus Recycling Program

Description of the program


  • The purpose of the program is to extend our outreach efforts for
    issues, such as waste reduction and energy conservation, to a broader student on campus audience. We want to primarily focus on those students and residents who
    are not already “eco-minded,” while also fostering an environment for growth and
    opportunity to those who are.
  • Learning Outcomes and Objectives:
  • Gain knowledge about sustainability and campus initiatives
  • Educate peers on sustainability issues and campus initiatives
  •  Create, organize, and direct area sustainability programs
  • Communicate with RPs, and other students about sustainability issues
  • Inform RP Staff about campus and Residence Life initiatives
  •  Utilize and share sustainability resources
  • Attend RP Eco Rep bi-weekly staff meetings and monthly individual meeting
    with the Director.
  • Attend the monthly WCU Sustainability Committee meetings if possible.
  • Coordinate 2 passive and 2 active programs per semester alone in your area.
  • Submit program proposal as needed.
  • Coordinate 1 active program as a staff that reaches the WCU
    campus community.

This position offers a great opportunity for leadership, involvement, and education
for both you and the residents in your area!


Number of Credits: 2