Western Caspian University

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements- Master’s Degree Programmes

Who can apply?

Citizens of Azerbaijan, who hold a Bachelor’s Degree Diploma. Please check the specific requirements for each programme on our Azerbaijani website.

Foreign Citizens who submit all the necessary documentation and are accepted by the University.

How to apply?

Applications for our Master’s degree programmes are made through the Student Admissions Commission. All Students have to pass the unified state examination on a number of subjects depending on a selected programme of study.

Admission requirements for each programme are published annually in the May issue of the "Abiturient” journal and can be checked on SSAC’s web site: www.tqdk.gov.az

Applicants who choose an English language taught programme must pass a test for the assessment of their English language competence held by Western University.

For graduate admissions only: A notarized/apostilled copy of student's Bachelor’s Degree Diploma is required. (please check the requirements for legalization/notorization on the webpage of the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan http://edu.gov.az/en/page/165);