Western Caspian University


IELTS Preparation Course

Academic IELTS preparation at Western Caspian University.

A 12-week intensive course has been developed to help students successfully navigate the academic IELTS exams. The course will help strengthen expectations and give confidence to the students that they will be able to achieve a good result.

Ross Douglas is the Vice Rector for English Language Usage and has wide experience in English language teaching as well as instructing in IELTS and TOEFL.

Course contents

During the course, the following areas will be covered:

1)  The expectations of the IELTS examiners of the student.

2)  What the student can expect in regards to the questions to be encountered

3)  How to answer the questions well.

4)  There will be numerous opportunities to practice with real IELTS questions and receive feedback on your work.

5)  At the end of the course, an actual exam will be administered so that the student can understand what he/she will experience.

Duration and start dates of the courses

The course covers 12 weeks, 8 lessons per month.  The class is  a maximum of 6 students.


Students must have a minimum A2+ English level to attend the course. If a student's level is lower than A2+ participation is not advised because 8 classes will not be sufficient to prepare one for a level 6 result.


The price for the 8 classes is 130 AZN including the course materials.