Western Caspian University


Student Sustainability Coordinators

Description of the program

For the 2022-2023 academic year, 15 undergraduate and 4 graduate Sustainability Coordinators plan and facilitate composting education in the University Center dining hall, oversee and engage students and courses in the campus agriculture (garden and farms). "Don't Cancel that Class" (wherein graduate students fill in for absent professors to teach students about various campus sustainability progress, opportunities and endeavors), campus sustainability newsletter, etc.


Program’s target audience

Most of the student educators start in the program as first year/second year students. They are trained by more senior student leaders through partnering on projects. The team also has a spring & fall retreat to develop academic year goals, projects and initiatives.

Their outreach to students is intended for all students in that the programs are advertised to all, however there is greater engagement students living on program.

Number of Credits: 3