Western Caspian University


Policy on Academic Freedom and library access


Western Caspian University's policy on Academic Freedom and Library access was updated by

Scientific Council on 08.006.2021 with the №8

Academic rights and freedom of teachers are the important part of their legal status. Western Caspian University encourages academic staff and students to take a responsible approach to the conditions of academic freedom that play a main role in the proper conduct of teaching, administration and research. As all rights and responsibilities, academic freedom bears certain responsibilities, expectations and accountabilities, and is exercised within a relationship of trust and confidence. The policy encompasses all students (part-time and full-time), academic and administrative staff of Western Caspian University.

What is the academic freedom?

Staff of the University has a right of academic freedom within the legal policy.

  • Right to ask
  • Right to tell a new idea and make an arguable offering
  • Right of research workers and students to conduct research studies
  • As well as right to independent usage of information obtained from those research studies


Rights and duties

As other groups and individuals, professor-teacher staff can use the rights of international, civil, political, social, and cultural. All staff and teachers have a freedom of conscience, expression, and as well as assembly and association.

Freedom of speech

The University remains committed to the principles of non-interference with the rights (the freedom of expression, debate, discussion and etc.) of the University staff.

Working hours 

Full time teachers

Teaching hours: 12-18 h

Office hours: 22-28 h

Part time teachers

Teaching hours: 8-10 h

Office hours: 10-12 h


                                                                                    Library Open acces 

The Western Caspian University OA policy supports all model of open access.

All research papers (including journal articles, conference proceedings, book chapters and similar material), where copyright allows, should be made available in an open access form upon publication. 

All academic staff are required to make their research outputs open access wherever possible through the University repository

  • All research papers including journal articles, conference proceedings, book chapters and similar material, either in the form of the author's final manuscript or the formally-published version, where copyright allows, should be deposited in RIS upon acceptance for publication or as soon as possible thereafter.
  • Where it is not possible to deposit an open access version of the full-text of the paper, a record of the publication should be created in the repository with a link to an externally held version.
  • Where external funding is available to meet the costs of open access article processing charges (APCs), researchers should take advantage of opportunities to publish their work with immediate open access upon publication.

Peer-reviewed research papers which result from research that is wholly or partially funded by the Research Councils:

  • must be published in journals which are compliant with Research Council policy on open access.
  • must include details of the funding that supported the research 
  • must include a statement on how the underlying research materials – such as data, samples or models – can be accessed.