Western Caspian University


Western Caspian University's Policy on Food

Western Caspian University's Policy on Food was created by Scientific Council on 08.006.2021 with the №08

Statement of Basis and Purpose:

Western Caspian University holds a vested interest in protecting the health and well-being of its faculty population. Many, if not all, foodborne illnesses can be prevented through proper storage, proper cooking, and proper handling of food. In this Food Policy, Western Caspian University sets forth a series of guidelines designed to educate and inform its faculty, staff, and student population about proper food handling and service. In addition, this Food Policy is designed to safeguard the sale & distribution of foods across the campus.

Policy Format:

This policy specifically contemplates the following:

1. “Required Documents & Permits”: permits and documentation required for sale or distribution of food on campus

2. “Outside Vendors”: Protocols for purchasing or receiving foods from Non-Approved Vendors (Vendors who have not yet been approved via Procurement), off-campus vendors, or those vendors not already affiliated with Columbia University.

3. “Approved Vendors”: Protocols for purchasing or receiving foods from Approved Vendors (Vendors who have submitted all required and requested documentation and been approved via Procurement)

4. “Alcohol”: Guidelines and requirements for serving alcoholic beverages, including by Outside caterers (e.g., off-campus/not affiliated with Columbia).

5. “Food Trucks”: Guidelines and requirements for Food Trucks (e.g. mobile food-vending units, wholly-licensed vehicles, carts, pushcarts, trailers, and other self-contained vehicular food concepts) on campus

6. “Self-Service Events”: Guidelines and requirements for bring-your-own-food gatherings, barbecues, and other campus gatherings where food is provided by Recognized Student Group, Department, or individuals.

7. “Fundraisers”: Guidelines and requirements for approved food-centered fund-raising or charitable activities open to students, faculty, and the general public on-campus

8. “Greenmarkets”: Guidelines and requirements for approved small-scale, open-air market(s) for fresh produce, fresh fruits, and artisanal foods grown, made, harvested, and/or packaged and always sold by Outside Vendors who possess a valid permit and comply with the policy set forth in Section 2: Outside Vendors, which promote the spirit of environmental stewardship.