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Western Caspian University


YOS Course

Length: Until the exam period

Effort: 3 times per week (1,5 – 2 hours)

Price: 300 AZN

Institution: Western Caspian University

Language: Azerbaijan, Turkish

Instructor: Ali Muhammedli





About this course


The YOS exam is an admission exam for foreign students who want to study for a bachelor's degree in Turkey, but do not have Turkish citizenship and do not live in Turkey. Students who want to pass the YOS exam, get acquainted with the YOS exam conditions of the university they want to study in advance. Students should get information about whether they have been admitted to the university with the YOS exam, the time of the exam, and the passing score.

The YOS courses, the Logic and Mathematics part of the exam is taught. The Logic and Mathematics section consists of a total of 80 questions. 45 questions are from Logic and 35 from Mathematics. It takes 90 minutes to answer the questions.