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There will be a webinar on "Healthy eating and food safety"

The Western Caspian University will organize a scientific webinar on "Healthy nutrition and Food safety" together with the Azerbaijan-Turkey Food Safety Public Union and the Youth Contribution Public Union.

The moderator of the webinar to be held on May 8, 2021 at 14:00 at the Western Caspian University on the platform of Microsoft Teams, will be a lecturer at the Department of "Natural Sciences" of the Western Caspian University, Ph.D. Biol. Ayaz Mammadov. The webinar will be attended by Mahsati Huseynova, Chairman of the Azerbaijan-Turkey Food Safety Public Union, a specialist in healthy nutrition, Asim Valiyev, Chairman of the Youth Contribution Public Union, a healthy food promoter, and Aga Salamov, a food technologist. Employees of the departments of "Natural Sciences" and "Ecology", doctoral students, masters and students of the Western Caspian University will take part in the discussions.

Link to access the online webinar:


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