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The Republican scientific conference on "Modern Problems of University Science and Education"

The Republican scientific conference on

The Republican scientific conference on "Modern Problems of University Science and Education" dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Sumgayit State University will be held On November 17-18, 2022.

The main goals of the conference are to bring university scientists and pedagogues together, to direct their attention to the current issues of modern university science and education, and to create conditions for a comprehensive analysis of the problems and their possible solutions and detailed exchange of ideas.

The work of the conference will be organized in plenary sessions and sections. The Organizing Committee will determine sections (number and names) after the collection of articles.

Original research abstracts and articles that have not been published anywhere before should be submitted to the conference.

Working languages of the conference: Azerbaijani, Turkish, Russian, English.

The format of the conference: onsite or online - will be provided in addition.

Requirements for the preparation of conference materials:

Paper size – A4

Margins – each side 2 cm

Font – Times New Roman

Font size – 12 pt.

Line spacing – 1,15 cm

Paragraph – 1,25 cm

Name of article – in the center, in uppercase and bold

Author’s name, surname, patronymic – in the center, in bold

Workplace, city, state – in the center, in italic

e-mail address – in the center, in italic

Key words (5–7 words)

Summary (60–80 words) – Azerbaijan, English and Russian – in two other languages besides the article language

Number of pages – Up to 5 pages

References to literature

Reference list – in square brackets - in alphabetical order


The conference materials will be printed in the "SDU.Conference materials" collection, and will be placed on https://www.ssu-conferenceproceedings.edu.az, https://www.sdu.edu.az and in the database

eLibrary. ru (International serial numbers ISSN 2708-955Xprint, ISSN 2709-6033 online), after checking in the StrikePlagiarism.comantiplagiat system belonging to the Plagiat.pl company.

Materials are accepted by e-mail scientificdep@sdu.edu.az or in person on electronic media and in printed form at the following address until October 10, 2022: 43rd block, Sumgayit city, AZ5008, Sumgayit State University (Department of Academic Affairs, room 2).

Only one thesis or article from one author is accepted.

The organizing committee reserves the right to include abstracts and articles in the conference program. Unaccepted abstracts will not be returned or explained.

Responsible secretary - Assoc. Orujov Samir Kamal oglu

Contact phone: (+994) 18 644 70 41, (+994) 18 642 15 06, extension 1-26.