Western Caspian University


Academic information

Western Caspian University operates on an academic year divided into two equal semesters of 15 weeks of instruction each (plus exams) and a summer term. The curriculum is implemented according to this academic calendar.

Special notice:

The university does not operate on official national holidays and other dates that are recognized and memorialized in Azerbaijan. If the first lesson of the semester coincidentally overlaps on Saturday or Sunday, then the first lesson of the semester will be held on the first working day of the next week.

Western Caspian University reserves the right to change scheduled time for semester examinations.

Note: The University does not operate on the eve of National Holidays and memorial days.

Eid-ul-Adha: September 1-4

National Flag Day: November 9

National Day of Mourning: January 20

International Women's Day: March 8

Novruz Holidays: March 20 to 25

Victory over Fascism: May 9

Republic Day: May 28

Ramadan holiday: June 15 & 16

National Salvation Day of the Azerbaijani People: June 15

Armed Forces Day of the Republic of Azerbaijan: June 26

World Azerbaijanis’ Solidarity Day: December 31

New Year: December 31 to January 4