Western Caspian University


Grading system

Western Caspian University uses a uniform grading scale system, which enables students in Azerbaijan to compare their performance in different disciplines and courses, and ensures consistency in assessment.

The following grading rules apply to all modules taught at Western Caspian University, except for Design courses.

Student's performance during the semester, including assignments, attendance, colloquiums and daily work will represent 50 percent of the student's final grade. The final exam at the end of the semester is worth the other 50 percent.

The 50 percent earned during a semester is calculated according to the following scale:

Attendance 10 percent of the student's final grade

Independent Work (assignments, essays,

case studies) 10 percent of the student's final grade


Seminar and lecture participation,

quizzes, discussions, and presentations in

addition to the colloquiums 30 percent of the students final grade OR 20 percent if there is a significant term paper assigned which will be worth 10 percent

PLUS FINAL EXAM WORTH 50 Percent of the student's Final grade

Equals 100 %

Other Academic Regulations

1) A student may not take the final exam if he/she has not earned a minimum 17 percent from their semester's work.

2) The minimum passing grade for a course is 51 percent.

3) Attendance Rule:  The student loses 1 percent of their Final Grade for every 10 % of total study time is missed;  For example: For a course that is 60 hours in total teaching time, a student can miss up to 5 hours of teaching time and not lose points. If one misses 6 hours of teaching time, they will receive only 9 out of a possible 10 percent for attendance. If the student should miss more than 25% of the total teaching time, they will not be allowed to take the final exam.

4) There are three colloquiums given each semester. A missed colloquium receives an automatic '0' (zero).  If a student should get three '0's (zeros) on their colloquiums, they will not be allowed to take the Final Exam.

5) Final exams are held at the end of each semester and are up to 2 hours in length.

Final Grading Scale:

Letter Grades Performance Points

F Fail Below 51

E Marginal 51-60

D Satisfactory 61-70

C Good 71-80

B Very good 81-90

A Excellent 91-100