Western Caspian University



The canteen offers salads / lunch and dinner for our students and visitors. The menu offers a wide range of freshly cooked and prepared dishes, focusing on the quality of food.

We apply our "Green Philosophy" in food supply as well. As for the food itself, the "green canteen" which we introduce to students and staff, is provided with bio-products from the Vegetable and Experimental Horticulture and Landscape fields, where we grow our products in environmentally friendly conditions. By delivering our fresh, seasonal products directly from vegetable gardens to the table we reduce CO2 pollution related to the transportation. Students can enjoy a three-course meal at discounted prices. We also offer dishes for vegans and vegetarians.

Vegans and vegetarians are offered foods without animal meat.



Breakfast 08:15 - 11:00 from Monday to Friday

Lunch 12:30 - 15:00 from Monday to Friday