Western Caspian University


PHP Programming


Duration: 2 months Time interval: 3 times a week





Who can participate the Programming Course?

We believe that anyone can become an IT specialist. All you need is desire, effort and discipline to achieve this goal. We will take the rest of it.

What does a programming course bring you?

Our students will be able to create dynamic websites that can be updated by learning the Php Course, Web Programming (Php, Mysql, Sql) Course, learning programming and database logic. They can develop various software projects taking into account the logic of the query. At the end of this course,  you will be able to create manageable portal sites such as shopping site, real estate site, e-commerce sites, forum site, school site, news site, any web platform, etc.

Programming course content

You will learn a new specialty by participating in theoretical and practical classes 3 days a week, 2 hours per lesson, for a total of 3 months. In addition, you can fill the gaps during the week by attending additional classes at our centre at the weekends. At the end of each module, you will put into practice what you have learned during the month. These projects will be included in your personal portfolio, which plays a big role in your career. At the end of the program you will be an experienced specialist with an extensive portfolio.