Western Caspian University


Policy on Student Hunger


Western Caspian University's Policy on Student Hunger

 was updated by Scientific Council on 08.006.2021 with the №8

In 2015 extreme poverty was completely eliminated in Azerbaijan. Absolute poverty has decreased by 10 times. The income of the population has increased more than 10 times. Unempoyment has been reduced to 5 percent. As a result of the implementation of two food security programs, the problem of hunger in the country has been eliminated. Based on the positive experience, Azerbaijan has very actively joined the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030. Important steps have been done in the country to achieve these goals. Agriculture is the most essential source of eliminating hunger and fighting poverty. In such a situation, it is out of the question for students who suffer from hunger. The University's strategy includes an action plan, such as the provision of free meals to the needy.


  • In general, the university has created conditions for all teachers and students to consume normal calorie, fresh and healthy food, for which natural products are obtained from the farm of University.
  • University canteens have food for all tastes, including vegetarians and vegans. The main condition is that the food is varied, offered at a affordable price and serves health.
  • The food offered in the university canteens is fresh, freshly prepared using GMO-free products, high in calories and serves to protect human.
  • The university creates job opportunities for students while they are studying.