Western Caspian University


Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Western Caspian University is a private teaching university that has been active in the Higher Education sector since 1991. Western Caspian University’s multicultural community provides a global perspective and multiple opportunities to gain life-long skills and knowledge.

True to the vision of its founder, Western Caspian University will:

  • Continue to broaden its educational activities and extend contracts with international partners
  • Provide an environment of teaching excellence, with teaching that is world-class, globally collaborative and internationally recognised
  • Strive to be progressive and keep abreast of trends in academics.

Our Mission

The mission of Western Caspian University is to make a positive contribution to society by delivering quality of teaching and research that is at par with the highest international levels of excellence.


  • Serve the community by ensuring education and scientific research of the highest level
  • Create the best educational environment for students
  • Strengthen the University’s position and international authority as a leading university of Azerbaijan
  • Increase the number of agreements with international partners and extend educational activity
  • Continue to establish a universally recognised educational atmosphere at an international level, for global cooperation
  • Produce graduates with employable labor skills, to meet high standards in both personal and professional aspects
  • Maintain our position as an encouraging and stimulating power for conducting scientific research
  • Seek to be progressive and not fall behind international educational trends
  • Contribute to the economic, social and political development of Azerbaijan by training students to become graduate specialists who will uphold and support the needs of the country.