Western Caspian University


Policy on Disabled People


Western Caspian University's Policy on Disabled People

was updated by Scientific Council on 08.06.2021 with the №8


According to World Health Organization (WHO), 15% of world population is people with disabilities and this means about 1 billion people. 2-4% of them are seriously affected and it is estimated that this number will be 2 billion in 2050.

Policy of Western Caspian University

That is why, Western Caspian University has been targeting infrastructure and social projects within the university for 5 years to create better conditions and facilities for such students and teachers.


  • To increase the active participation of disabled people in the cultural and social projects of the University;
  • To create conditions for the free movement of people with disabilities within the university using inclusive and innovative methods and to develop the existing infrastructure;
  • Create a mentorship service.

Scope of the plan

The plan aims to address barriers for students and staff with disabilities. It will allow them to move more comfortably in the university.

Execution strategy

For disabled people, not only the creation of infrastructure, but also the study and application of international experience is inteded:

  •  to discuss issues related to physical disability;
  •  to resolve any issues that may arise through discussions;
  •  to organize the representation of students and staff with disabilities in the executive bodies;
  •  to encourage the active participation of disabled students and staff in projects implemented by the University;
  •  to offer some curricula online for students with disabilities.

Execution of tasks

Vice-rector for Social and Humanitarian Affairs

Controls the rules of discipline.
Human Resources Department, Department of Student Affairs, Department of Legal AffairsDirectly monitors the implementation of the laws of the Labor Code.
Students and Alumni Internship and Development CenterSupervises mentorship service.