Western Caspian University


Technical Esthetics and Design

Western Caspian University offers a Ph.D. in Technical Aesthetics and Design.

Purpose of the programme:

  • Acquire analytical thinking and application skills necessary for modern research methods and competencies
  • Innovations in design
  • Train professionals in developing systems of art and culture projects
  • Graphic Design
  • Design Environment
  • Graphics.

The Ph.D. in Technical Aesthetics and Design is a high-level programme that develops analytical thinking and modern research skills and competencies. There is considerable emphasis on the history of design, theory and practice of visual culture, modern methods of design, ecological aspects and modern design problems. The programme provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out scientific-pedagogical activity in artistic and visual culture. It also introduces modern and current teaching methods such as using online technologies, pedagogical activities and integrative methods.

In order to improve knowledge and share experiences, we regularly invite international experts in various fields. Some of our recent collaborators include Colin Love from the UK, Randall Baker and Rise Kelsey from the US, Ross Douglas from Canada, and Emmanuel Arcon and Martinez Cristobal from Spain. Moreover, WCU doctoral students participate in the Erasmus Mundus programme to improve their research skills and gain international experience.

Participation in the programme and future perspectives

Applicants must complete a full master’s degree in a design specialty. Graduates are eligible for employment in educational institutions, businesses, government and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).