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4th Annual Convention ‘Caucasus & Europe Crossroads

The 4th Annual Convention of the Association for European Studies in the Caucasus (AESC) is being organised at Western Caspian University. The Convention ‘Caucasus at the Junction of Europe & Asia: Enlarging the Scale of the Caspian Sea’ provided an opportunity to assess the experience of the Caspian region in terms of strengthening relations between Europe and Asia.

With the ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative put forward by the People’s Republic of China, Azerbaijan has a leading role in developing economic relations between East and West. Azerbaijan has invested heavily in both infrastructure and technology to become a leading hub connecting the Caucasus with the Caspian Sea and Central Asia. At the same time, experts believe that the existing potential will be fully used to strengthen relations between East and West, and this is a more pressing issue for the countries of the Caspian Basin. The Convention can also be seen as an important platform for discussing these perspectives. 

AESC Program Committee will accept proposals for panel discussions (maximum 3 presenters, maximum 2 participants), roundtable discussions (maximum 5 participants), individual presentations, and stand presentations. ‘Small sessions’ moderated by researchers to support the research projects of young scientists at an early stage will be organised for experienced teachers. In addition, Masters level students are invited for individual submissions, responses, and panel discussions (maximum 5 presenters and 1 moderator).

Along with the general theme, two specialised sessions are used to address the issues of methodology and exchange of best practices within the framework of the AESC Convention: compilation of textbooks on European studies and carrying out scientific research in accordance with European studies.

The following topics are expected to be discussed in the Convention:

·         The Economic Importance of the Caspian Sea Basin and the Caucasus for Europe

·         Energy Policy in the Caspian Region and Energy Security in Europe

·         Caspian Oil Geopolitics and Major European Interests

·         Caspian Countries in Modern European Politics

·         The role of the Caspian Sea in the Development of Relationship between Europe and Asia.

Presentations on all aspects of European studies and security research are accepted. Those planning to participate in the Convention are required to submit:

1.      A brief biography

2.      Thesis (volume: 1 page, Times New Roman font, in English only, page parameters: 2.0 cm on each side)

3.      Topic and a brief summary of the proposed panel/round table.

Deadline for submission of theses and proposed topics: January 31st, 2020.

Email: Convention@wcu.edu.az

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