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Research directions

Research directions

General Research

Research areas of the Western Caspian University

Western Caspian University is not only an educational institution, but also one of the centres of fundamental scientific research. Along with the research laboratories established at the existing departments of the university, a number of research institutes have been set up and equipped with modern laboratory equipment. The process of attracting high-level specialists to meet the requirements of modern research continues periodically, especially young professionals and graduate students of the university are given the opportunity to participate in the development of scientific activity.


On the Natural Sciences

The main problem to be solved as a comprehensive approach to the environmental problems of the Caspian Sea are the pollutants entering the Caspian Sea through rivers flowing from coastal cities and industrial facilities; environmental crisis related to offshore oil production and transportation; investigation of the problems caused by pollution from flooded sources in the coastal zone as a result of rising Caspian Sea levels. Laboratory research to clean the Caspian Sea will also have a positive impact on the development of the fishing industry.

The main direction of scientific research of the genetics laboratory is the study of various molecular genetics of living beings in different ecological zones and water basins. Also, one of the future goals of the laboratories of the department is the implementation of microclonal propagation in vitro in order to restore rare and endangered plant species and increase the number of fruit plants.


On the Exact Sciences

Research focuses on the classical solution of the Neumann issue for smooth boundary areas which do not satisfy Lyapunov's condition, and Dirichlet issue for non-smooth boundary areas, which have not been solved for more than 100 years. The main goal is to resolve the Dirichlet and Neumann border issues in non-Lyapunov border areas.


On Social Sciences

The promotion of sustainable tourism in Azerbaijan and the study of the development of tourism clusters is one of the important scientific directions, the main purpose of which is to analyze the current situation with sustainable tourism in Azerbaijan and the country's multilateral cooperation with relevant UN agencies.


On the Humanities

Research work is also devoted to very topical issues. Thus, there is a great need for fundamental scientific work to study the obscure pages of history and convey the truth to world science. One of the main scientific directions and goals is to investigate the facts of genocide committed by hostile enemies

in Azerbaijan on March 31 and to inform the world press about the historical facts. Various political, socio-economic, ethno-confessional, cultural and other issues of the history of Azerbaijan from ancient times to the period of independence have been exposed to existing ideological influences and have been subjectively studied in foreign historiography, especially in Soviet historiography. Especially in the ancient and medieval times the ethnic, religious and political history of the ethnoses that existed in the territory of Azerbaijan has been subjectively studied on the basis of so-called concepts.