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Azerbaijan-Antarctic scientific expedition

From 24th December 2008 to 31st January 2009, Professor Huseyn Baghirov, Chairman, Board of Trustees of Western Caspian University led a team on the Azerbaijan-Antarctic expedition to explore the Antarctic mainland. The expedition made more than five hundred meteorological observations in Antarctica, and the variety of rock and mineral samples led to many interesting ideas about the experimental research and pilot research in the laboratory

The data acquired was examined in conjunction with the latest analysis of species, geological structure, tectonics and magnetism of the continent. Professor Baghirov was the first representative of a Muslim state to place a flag on Mount Vinson, the highest peak in Antarctica, placing the flag of Azerbaijan. This fact has been documented in the following books: ‘Climate of Antarctica- Global impact’, ‘Diary of Antarctica’, and ‘Frozen Part of Hondva’.



İlk Azərbaycan-Antarktida ekspedisiyası. Cənub Qütbünə xizək yürüşü (I kitab) Antarktida gündəliyi

İlk Azərbaycan-Antarktida ekspedisiyası. Cənub qütbünə xizək yürüşü (II kitab) Antarktida iqlimi. Qlobal təsirlər

İlk Azərbaycan-Antarktida ekspedisiyası. Cənub Qütbünə xizək yürüşü (III kitab) Hondvananın donmuş parçası


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