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Lifelong Learning - About

Western Caspian University Lifelong Learning Program

SPECIALIZATION COURSES are offered for people who want to learn new knowledge and skills, develop their career continuously and specialize in various fields, regardless of their age and education level. Training is carried out by professional teachers of the university and invited experts in online and traditional formats. Those who complete the course are awarded a certificate by Western Caspian University.



· Professional development

· Personal development

· Mental development

· Expanding the scope of interest

· Acquiring actual practical knowledge

· Increasing employment opportunities

· Expanding the social environment



Our vision is to create skilled workforce opportunities that society needs by following the developments in our country and the world, providing high-quality learning methods and to be an innovative and advanced educational center that contributes to the lifelong development of individuals of all educational levels.



The center has a mission to provide the development of our society and country by identifying the demands of society and the ever-changing needs of people and providing innovative and quality learning opportunities that will meet these needs to individuals, university students, school students, government institutions, and private sector employees at the national and international level.