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Western Caspian University


School of Business

The WCU School of Business has been operating since the University’s inception. The mission of the school is to create opportunities to gain the knowledge and practical skills necessary to make meaningful contributions in the word of business. Students study in Azerbaijani, Russian and English ​​for all specialties.

The academic staff at the School of Business comprises specialists who have graduated from top schools in the US, Great Britain, Germany, Russia, Turkey, etc. We have established long-term partnerships with professors at leading universities across the world who are involved in the evolution of the educational process at Western Caspian University.

Students take part in meetings, presentations and other events organised by the World Bank, the United Nations, AMOCO, BP, Hyatt Regency, Radisson, etc. Students gain practical skills and experience before graduating from WCU. The school participates in several projects with international institutions TASIS/TEMPUS, Erasmus Mundus, Mevlana, Visegrad Foundation and other international programmes. The School of Business has a modern computer lab, internet centre and scientific library.

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Address:17A, Ahmad Rajabli Street, III Parallel, Baku, Azerbaijan


Phone:+994 12 565 39 77

@: business.school@wcu.edu.az 




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