Western Caspian University


Human Resources Department

The Department interacts with other structural units of the University performing its functions as defined by regulations. The department has the appropriate stamp and seal to perform its functions.

The main purpose of the department is to secure for the university, in a timely manner, appropriate, worthy and professional staff in accordance with the human resources policy of the University. To organise their education to develop the required level of professional training, theoretical knowledge and skills, to maintain team spirit at the University, provide material, moral and social support to improve the motivation of employees, increase their productivity and commitment to the University by meeting their needs.

The department is based on the principle of 3 R’s (Right time, Right position and Right person) in human resource management. We seek suitable employees for the relevant position in time. The attitudes that are in line with the strategic goals and values of the University, as well as those required of everyone working at the University, are as follows:

·         Honesty

·         Quality

·         Knowledge

·         Humanity

·         Sustainable development.

The department performs the following main functions:

·         Provides human resource planning in accordance with the goals and strategic development requirements of the University

·         Carries out procedures for selection, recruitment and dismissal of personnel at the University in accordance with international standards

·         Ensures the participation of employees in modern training and education courses in order to develop adequate human capital in accordance with the strategic goals of the University and to achieve their sustainable development

·         Carries out career planning procedures for university employees.


Address: 17A, Ahmad Rajabli Street, III Parallel, Baku, Azerbaijan

Phone:  +994 12 565 39 77