Western Caspian University


Centre for Mentorship

Tasks of the centre:

The Centre was created to help students studying under the credit system. It is an independent structural unit of the University. The tasks of the centre include: 

  • To protect the rights and academic interests of students
  • To educate students about the ‘Credit System’ and to introduce them to the educational process at the University
  • To provide students with necessary information and documents pertaining to their educational process
  • To advise students on the development of individual and working curricula
  • Participate in adopting individual curricula for students and the development of annual working curricula for specialties
  • To help students make changes in individual curricula
  • Support in providing student mobility
  • Oversight of key student indicators (attendance and activity scores, colloquium grades, etc.) in subject journals in order to keep students informed
  • Participate in organising the summer semester
  • If necessary, inform parents about students' academic performance
  • Registration of applications to the ‘Discount Commission’ formed for a discount on tuition fee for students and verification of submitted documents.