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Department of General and State Standard Documents Regarding Students 

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The General and State Standard Documents Regarding Students was established in 1991 and has operated under various names to date. The main purpose of the department is to ensure the effective implementation of document circulation at the University by applying a modern electronic document management system, to keep records of students admitted to the University and the processing of students’ documentation.

The Department is guided by the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, education legislation, other normative legal acts of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Charter of the University, decisions of the Scientific Council, orders of the Rector of the University and its Statutes.

Registration of general and state standard documents and students, statistical analysis of students, all documentation of students (restoration, expulsion, transfer, etc.), and inclusion of all orders about students in the Student-Graduate State Electronic Information System are carried out by this Department. The Department also performs the following functions:

  •  Receive, register, organise and distribute documents at the University
  • Control the circulation and execution of documents by organising accounting and control of documents, and inform management about cases of violations
  •  Conduct clerical work related to appeals of citizens and students in a centralised system
  • Prepare and submit citizens’ reports and appeals to relevant state bodies and University managers for the implementation of legal decisions received by the University from state bodies
  •  Organise and implement reception of documents for bachelor’s and master’s degrees through the State Examination Centre (SEC)
  • Prepare, register, order and keep personal files of those admitted to the bachelor's and master's degree programmes at the University during the period of study
  • Ensure the completeness of documents to be included in personal files
  • Process student orders, write an extract from each order and attach accordingly to the student’s personal file
  • Organise, prepare and issue student IDs
  • Prepare, issue, and register academic applications for students transferred to the University
  • Prepare and register documents of those reinstated to the University
  • Prepare documents of students expelled from the University or transferred to another university
  •  Prepare and submit academic transcripts
  •  Provide graduates with their diplomas from the Ministry of Education
  • Control the accuracy and timely compilation of diplomas
  •  Ensure the registration of diplomas
  •  Organise issuance of diplomas to graduates
  •  Prepare diploma supplements and present them to graduates
  • Develop an electronic database on students
  • Submit personal files of university graduates to the archive
  •  Prepare official statistical reports on admission to the State Statistics Committee and the Ministry of Education
  • Prepare and send timely responses to letters and inquiries received by the Department
  • Provide mentoring service
  •  To assist disabled people to move freely within the University
  • To help new students adapt to the environment
  •  To answer new students' questions about the University
  • To solve problems they may face during the academic period.
  • University mentors and students are considered a team and are expected to actively listen to and communicate with each other. Meetings can be held at any time outside of class schedules at the mutual agreement of both parties.



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