Western Caspian University


Accounting and Finance Department

·         Calculation and payment of monthly salaries of administrative and teaching staff

·         Calculation and payment of monthly scholarships for university and college students

·         Timely tax payments to the budget

·         Timely transfer of utility bills and other payables

·         Submitting applications for student scholarship to the Ministry of Education on a monthly basis and reporting on funds received from the ministry

·         Ordering cards from the bank for administrative and teaching staff, ordering student scholarship cards

·         Presentation and transfer of payment orders from the bank as per invoices

·         Submission of monthly VAT return with tax

·         Presentation of monthly statistical reports

·         Presentation of reports of the Social Protection Fund

·         Processing of daily and monthly bank statements

·         Concluding contracts with students

·         Approval of individual cards for new students

·         Filling out individual cards for new students

·         Accounting and control of funds received from students

·         Development of orders issued by the student department

·         Monthly cash transactions and reporting

·         Presentation of monthly, quarterly and annual reports.


Chief Accountant: Rahimova Saida

Address: Azerbaijan, Baku, Istiglaliyyat Street, 31

Index: AZ1001

Phone: +994 12 492 74 18 Email: farmanjafarov@wcu.edu.az