Western Caspian University


Center for Applied Politics

The Center for Applied Politics is chaired by the head of the ATLAS Research Center, a well-known political analyst Elkhan Shahinoglu, who is involved in the investigation, discussions and analysis of events in the international arena and in the region. The Center regularly hosts discussions, roundtables and meetings with local and international experts, political scientists as well as diplomats. The Center offers its students and others the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the current political processes around the world and in the region, to sharpen their analytical skills and to be constantly informed of the latest processes.


Recently, Garabagh and Multiculturalism laboratories have been established. These laboratories conduct research and analysis in the relevant areas. The Multiculturalism Laboratory is managed by a WCU alumni and well-known international expert on international conflicts, Arye Gut.


Contact: applied.politics@wcu.edu.az