Western Caspian University


Gender Research Center

The Gender Research Center was established in June 2000. The mission of the Center is the dissemination and development of the new gender approach to Azerbaijani society, as well as the integration of this method into scientific research and curricula. The Center seeks to concentrate teachers and researchers on the development of gender approaches in various social and humanitarian disciplines (philosophy, economic theory, law, history, psychology, sociology, political sciences and culturology). The Center comprises 42 teachers and researchers representing 11 higher education institutions and the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. 

Activities of the Gender Research Center include:

  • Research on gender & women's issues
  • Integration of gender theory into social & human sciences
  • Development of scientific & public relations
  • Conducting & participating in conferences, seminars & symposiums on a global scale
  • Publications related to gender research
  • Educational & scientific activities.

The main purpose of the Center is the discussion and analysis of the following problems: 

  • Personality & the relationship with society
  • Freedom & its restrictions
  • Differences between people & the need for equal rights
  • Marriage, family & religion
  • Traditional & democratic values.


  • Scientific Publication: ‘Gender, Study and Education’- (Sabuhi Sultanov), WCU
  • International Scientific Conference: ‘Changing Gender Roles in the Global World’ in December 05, 2015 (organized by the Ministry of Education Republic of Azerbaijan, State Committee on Family, Women & Children, and WCU Gender Research Center)
  • Elective courses on Gender Issues are offered in all specialties since 2017
  • As a result of the survey conducted by the Center, it was determined that the ratio of male to female employees of the University was 52% to 48%, while the ratio among students was 51% to 49% for the 2020-2021 academic year
  • WCU is aware of the rights of our students and faculty and our Gender Research Center declares that sexual minorities are not discriminated against and have equal opportunities
  • Discourse on ‘Early Marriages & their Social Outcomes’.