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Western Caspian University


Center for Multiculturalism

Throughout history, Azerbaijan has upheld its values of tolerance. We set an example for the world with our multicultural traditions. The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan made significant contributions to the traditions of tolerance, culture and civilizations of our country when he declared 2016 the Year of Multiculturalism in Azerbaijan. Our country hosted many international events to show our openness to cultural diversity.

The Center for Multiculturalism was established at WCU in 2017 to explore and promote multicultural traditions and experiences of our country. We conduct research and analysis in these areas. The head of the Center is a WCU alumni and well-known international expert on conflicts, Arye Gut.

The main goals of the Center are as follows:

  • To study & promote the cultural, social and political essence of modern Azerbaijan reality, & to implement multiculturalism and principles of tolerance into every facet of our lifestyle
  • To identify & implement ways in which cultural and ethnographic diversity in Azerbaijan serves the development of Azerbaijan
  • To determine ways to conduct & maintain scientific analysis of the level of tolerance for cultural & religious diversity in the Republic of Azerbaijan
  • To support the process of preserving history, culture & religious monuments using the cultural heritage of different regions, ensuring their harmonious development in the modern world, & to realize the full potential of our civil society.

WCU has an education program on Azerbaijan multiculturalism. Lectures provide students with knowledge of different cultures from around the world.