Western Caspian University


Scientific Library Centre

Duties of Bookbinding & Staffing Department:

·         Keeping records of books included in the fund

·         Registration of both general and individual accounting books

·         Classification

·         Scientific development of books

·         Cataloging and indexing

·         Creating a traditional directory system (systematic catalog)

·         Ensuring that catalogue cards are removed from the printer and arranged in catalogue boxes.

Duties of Electronic Resources & Electronic Secretary Department:

·         Electronic catalogue (development of books in Mark format in Follet Destiny programme)

·         Consistent implementation of the process of inclusion of printed and electronic publications in electronic catalogue and electronic library

·         Creating reading conditions for each reader, regardless of distance

·         Creation of electronic card index database of periodicals (newspaper/magazine articles)

·         Improving the library website and placing new books and teaching aids in the fund.

Subscription, Service & Reading Halls:

·         Searching for print and electronic publications and providing responses to inquiries from students, faculty and other readers

·         Informing readers about the composition of the library fund through catalogue and card index system

·         E-services (sending literature to readers' e-mail upon request)

·         Creating tranquil conditions for readers in reading rooms (maintaining calm, provide uninterrupted Internet and computer equipment for the provision of electronic materials).


Branch Manager: Mehpara Asadova: mehpare.esedova@wcu.edu.az

İndex: AZ1072

Phone: +994 12 565 39 77