Western Caspian University


Center of organizing and managing education

Teaching and Research Survey

Functions of the department

The department performs the following functions in the field of planning, forecasting of teaching at the university, methodological support of the educational process and work with state standard documents and requirements:

  • Organise teaching, teaching-methodological and educational work in school faculties and chairs
  • Preparation, approval and development of curricula and staff curricula, projects and subject programmes
  • Organise distribution and implementation of teaching load on school faculties and chairs
  • Arrange and conduct teaching methodological conferences
  • Organise the work of the auditorium fund (with capacity) and its distribution by school faculties
  • Oversee the provision of textbooks, teaching aids and programmes for the chair
  • Organise the preparation of lesson schedules and the course of lessons
  • Provide the organisation of education with a credit system (attendance, assessment in a multi-point system, etc.)
  • Ensure the preparation of instructional materials and orders on organising education
  • Organise the acquisition, storage, completion and issuance of standard state documents on education
  • Prepare statistical accounting of education
  • Organise preparation of orders for students
  • Arrange preparation of reports on educational-methodical work
  • Dean, chair, manager and professor- organise competitions for vacant teaching positions
  • Organise planning and forecasting of education with school faculties and chairs
  • Perform other functions defined in the normative acts related to education and/or assigned by the University administration.


Piri Axundov

Address: 17A, Ahmad Rajabli Street, III Parallel, Baku, Azerbaijan, AZ1072

Index: AZ1001

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