Western Caspian University


Centre for Strategic Development

For the implementation of state standards regarding the quality of education in educational institutions operating in the Republic of Azerbaijan, Western Caspian University has created the ‘Centre for Strategic Development’. The CSD operates as per the National Strategy for the Development of Education in the Republic of Azerbaijan as approved by President of the Republic on 24th October 2013.

The following activities are the main concerns of the Centre:

  • To identify short and long-term strategies for the University
  • To develop various activities and high-quality evaluation criteria
  • To collect, analyse, and interpret information about services and activities
  • To explore external factors that affect services (education, training, and research) at the University
  • To investigate and report internal competency, efficiency, and level of satisfaction with services
  • To prepare a strategic plan and to create and follow an action plan to implement this strategic plan
  • To prepare and conduct annual evaluation according to the strategic plan and the action programme
  • To supervise the implementation of the 5-year strategic plan of the University and to report findings
  • To cooperate with local and international organisations to devise strategic plans to enhance mutually beneficial links into the future
  • To develop prospective plans for guiding the University to become one of the nation’s centres of excellence in education for science, research and innovation
  • Preparation of suggestions on innovative systems in education
  • Development of cooperative University-business relations
  • To facilitate teachers and students to create links in university-business relations



Dr. Vusal Karimli

17A, Ahmad Rajabli Street, III Parallel, Baku, Azerbaijan, AZ1072

T: +994 12 565 39 74  (Ext 111)

@: vusal.kerimli@wcu.edu.az