Western Caspian University


Centre for Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Functions of the centre:

The centre performs the following functions related to organisation, implementation, management, teaching & quality control, evaluation and quality assurance at the University:

- Participate in the process of developing ideas to improve the quality of education and prepare proposals for their implementation

- Present proposals aimed at improving the activities and structure of the centre and fulfill tasks assigned by university administration (Founders, Trustees, Scientific and Grand Councils, Rector of the University, Vice-Rectors for Development, Scientific Affairs, Education and General Affairs)

- Establish temporary commissions to investigate special cases related to examinations and colloquia

- Check quantitative and qualitative indicators in the educational process

- Organise mass events

- Take measures to implement all work done at the Centre in collaboration with structural units at the University with the extensive use of state-of-the-art information technologies

- Study local and international experience in the field of activity and make proposals to the University management on the application of relevant experience

- Oversee the proper organisation of education at the University as a whole and at different schools in individual cases

- Supervise the organisation of autumn and spring semesters as well as intermediate exams at the University

- Supervise the organisation of summer school exams

- Organise the timely provision of training and examination halls with appropriate equipment and technical support

- Supervise the posting of exam questions on the university website

- Supervise the delivery of exam questions, code papers and other necessary items printed on stamped examination papers, to examiners in sealed envelopes and opening same in front of students in the examination hall

- Supervise teachers while they check exam papers

- Control publication of exam results on the University website

- Conduct surveys on the quality of the teaching process with students, the conditions created at the University, the level of knowledge and skills of teachers, etc.

- Monitor the effectiveness of teacher-student interaction to prepare for exams

- Checking of sources used by students to prepare for the exam (form, conformity, year of publication, etc.)

- Assess and study students' attendance at the library

- Organise development of proposals to study and eliminate causes of students' academic debts

- Organise use of modern methods in determining quality of education based on the results of examinations.