Western Caspian University


Computer Engineering

Duration: 4 years

Credits: 240

Mode of study: full-time

Fees for foreign students: 2000 USD

Language of instruction: English, Azeri or Russian

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The Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering program is a multidisciplinary full-time computer program focused on the application, design, and analysis of computers. Students gain in-depth theoretical knowledge and practical skills in mathematics, physics and computer engineering. They are taught how to use their knowledge and skills in the design, application, analysis and evaluation of computer systems.

Students gain experience in all areas of computing, especially programming, computer systems, digital systems, and microprocessor systems.

To earn a degree, students must complete a pre-diploma internship and defend a dissertation.


  • Communication skills in at least one foreign language by profession;
  • Use information technology in the workplace;
  • Teamwork, to achieve a common approach to solving the problem;
  • Will to adapt to new conditions, initiative and success;
  • Ability to identify and select additional information resources to solve problems;
  • Analyze, summarize and apply relevant information for professional purposes.

Job opportunities

Operates in the field of information processes, information resources, information systems, database of scientific and technical information, knowledge base, information products and services of modern information technologies, works in relevant governmental and non-governmental organizations, companies and departments, information systems management, engineering can work as an electrician, system engineer, software engineer.