Western Caspian University


Information Security

Program: Information Security

Duration of studies: 4 years

Credits: 240

Type of study: full-time

Fees for foreign students: 2000 USD

Study languages: Azerbaijani, Russian and English

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Information security is a set of methods, production processes and hardware-software tools that regulate the use of information resources, ensure the collection, processing, storage, transmission and integration of information in a technological chain in order to increase their reliability and efficiency. Computer specialists are called IT specialists.

As part of the program, students will learn modern programming languages, computer networks, system programming, data structure and database systems, computer and computing system architecture, etc. subjects such as The program provides opportunities to apply traditional and modern techniques in the design and development of complex systems and to develop management systems. Students learn to develop and implement algorithms in modern software systems, analysis and design of digital systems, object-oriented programming, intelligent systems.

In our modern world, information technologies and systems are widely used in all areas, from the private sector to the public sector. Large organizations use systems equipped with information technology to carry out all the work they used to do on paper in an electronic environment.


  • Communication skills in at least one foreign language in the specialty;
  • Ability to use information technology on the spot;
  • Ability to plan and organize professional activities, improve future education and existing skills, manage time and complete assignments on time;
  • Social and environmental responsibility for its activities, as well as civic awareness and ethical approach, as well as the ability to prioritize quality;
  • Participate in the formation of information security policy as a technical specialist, organize and support the implementation of comprehensive measures to ensure information security, manage the process of their implementation on the protected object.

Job opportunities

Information Security graduates can work in IT companies, banking systems, personal information, data security, detection and prevention of cyber attacks, creating a secure information environment across the country and developing a user culture in all industries.