Western Caspian University


Systematic analysis, management and information processing

Ph.D. in Systematic Analysis, Management & Information Processing.

Elements of the programme include:

  • Decomposition and Synthesis of Objects of Systematic Analysis
  • Algorithmisation of Decomposition Process 
  • Types of Aggregation
  • Basic issues of Mathematical Statistics
  • Establishment of Point Estimation & Confidence Interval
  • Differentiation of Statistical Hypotheses
  • Algorithmic Issues on Graphs and Drawings
  • Finite Vending Machines and Automatic Transmission
  • Information Theory
  • The Concept of Information
  • Entropy- Conventional Entropy, Coding, Optimal Coding and Linear Codes
  • Key Concepts, Essence, Indicators and Criteria of Management
  • Management Objects, Purposes and Functions of Management
  • Decision-making in Management, Management Systems and their Structure
  • Mathematical Methods used in Management, Optimisation Issues.

Ph.D. students participate in various scientific conferences and symposiums to exchange research results. Besides the theoretical and methodological basis of the thesis, Ph.D. students possess expert knowledge of modern standards that enables them to understand the contributions of others to science and to conduct independent scientific work to an advanced level. Ph.D. students receive personalised training for research projects.

WCU pays special attention to international cooperation in order to improve knowledge and share experience. Experts in various fields are invited to contribute from time to time. Past contributors include Colin Love from the UK, Randall Baker and Rise Kelsey from the US, Ross Douglas from Canada, and Emmanuel Arcon and Martinez Cristobal from Spain. WCU offers Ph.D. students opportunities to participate in the Erasmus Mundus programme to improve their research and gain international experience.

Participation in the programme and future perspectives:

The Ph.D. programme is offered to graduates with a master’s degree. The programme in systematic analysis, and management and information processing is intended for candidates who wish to earn the required qualifications for business analyst, designer, architect, or copywriter to work in local universities and in other research institutions in Azerbaijan and abroad.