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Western Caspian University


Department of Azerbaijani Language and Literature

The Department of Azerbaijani Language and Literature comprises two chairs: The Chair of Literature and the Chair of Language. The department’s academic staff includes an assistant professor, 3 Ph.D. teachers, 2 teachers and a professional writer.

At the Chair of Language, students are thoroughly trained in the various aspects of Azerbaijani language, ranging from its historical development to phonetic, lexical and grammatical structures. We focus on the theoretical and the practical dimensions of the language. Students focus on general issues of linguistics, on fundamental structures and processes of the language and also on modern methods of linguistic research.

They study Azerbaijani dialectology which allows for a profound analysis of the different stages of the rich and varied history of our language. The Chair offers seminars in Turkology where students discover the wide array of Turkic languages and their place within world languages. We also consider it our mission to preserve the rich tradition of our language and oral culture by providing courses to all members of the faculties at WCU.

Teaching at the Chair of Literature covers the various stages of Azerbaijani literature from its beginning to the present day. Students discover the canonical literary works of European, American and Russian tradition. Our Chair pays particular attention to theoretical analysis of literary fiction and to its position and significance in culture and public life.

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