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Western Caspian University


Germanic Languages

WCU now offers a Ph.D. in Germanic Languages.

Purpose of the programme:

  • Cultivation of highly-qualified linguists skilled in methodological and practical issues in synchronic and diachronic linguistics
  • Developing the current structure of research/teaching groups at WCU and providing opportunities for existing in-service training courses
  • Strengthen research procedures using simultaneous and diachronic methods
  • Gain expertise in Theory of General Literature
  • Formation of theoretical and methodological foundations of professional activity in the field of foreign language education
  • Formation of philology expertise and professional skills development.

The Ph.D. in Germanic Languages provides a high level of knowledge related to research and analysis of Germanic language and literature and simultaneously strengthens research procedures by using synchronous and diachronic methods. In addition the programme covers the general theory of literature, special skills and in-depth knowledge on the chosen Germanic language. Students are offered personalised training for research projects. Research activities begin early in the programme to allow articles to be published in high-end scientific journals, and to participate in science conferences and symposiums to share research results.

WCU enables international collaboration to improve knowledge and to share experience, inviting international experts such as Colin Love from the UK, Randall Baker and Rise Kelsey from the US, Ross Douglas from Canada, Emmanuel Arcon and Martinez Cristobal from Spain. Additionally, WCU doctoral students may participate in the Erasmus Mundus programme to improve their research skills and gain international experience.

Participation in the programme and future perspectives

The Ph.D. is offered to students with relevant master’s degrees. It is intended for candidates seeking to earn the required qualifications in language skills and participate in large-scale education enabling them to work in cultural institution, media, diplomacy and other areas.

Defended Ph.D. projects in Germanic Language:

Jahangili Tabarrukt Farrukh oghlu- ‘Lingus grammar features of 'family' concept in English ‘. 

Shakhbazli Chinara Zahid gizi- ‘English words and expressions of courtesy ‘.