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School of Philology and Translation

The School of Philology and Translation was founded in 1996 as the Faculty of Western Languages. 

The mission of the School of Philology and Translation is to train highly qualified philologists. In order to do so, the school applies the Anglo-American educational system based on Bachelor, Master and PhD programmes. Our courses on language and literature are conducted in accordance with internationally recognized didactic standards and methods. The school is equipped with modern language laboratories that allow for an interactive and goal-oriented teaching process. The graduates from our school are experts in the fields of Azerbaijani and foreign languages, in Azerbaijani, English and world literatures, and they enter the labour market as professional translators and interpreters.

There are 8 languages that can be studied at the School of Philology and Translation: English, Azerbaijani, Russian, German, French, Latin, Chinese and Spanish. In order to improve the students’ foreign language skills, the school invites experts and professionals from countries such as the US, the UK, Canada and Germany. With the aim of enhancing both their intercultural competency and their opportunities in the (national and international) labour market, students are also encouraged to participate in several international exchange programmes (Erasmus, Mevlana).

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